We're pleased to be able to share the 4th Encanta release with you! For this release, Flashtech and Volant (aka Blend) join forces, to bring you a wonderful piece of melodic progressive trance.

Collectively, the guys have had some great support from the likes of Jaytech, Ruben de Ronde, and the massive Above and Beyond. We think it's fair to say that these two youngsters are two of the most promising names in the scene, and are ready to show us how the new school does it!

'Morning Breeze' is everything you'd expect from these two... Gorgeous sun-kissed melodies take centre stage, and take us on a wonderful musical journey. If that wasn't enough, backing up the superb original mix, we also have an excellent remix by Dunkan.

Blend, Flashtech, Volant


Morning Breeze

Catalog# ENCANTA004
Release date:
Morning Breeze (Original Mix)
Morning Breeze (Dunkan Remix)