Encanta's Winter Picks is a retrospective look at our 2015 release schedule. We've hand-picked our favourite tracks, so be sure to grab this bundle if you missed them the first time!

Vitodito, Talamanca, Sunlight Project, Takekawa, Dallonte, Dalero, Enoch, Tommy Baynen, Lameduza

Talamanca, Katrin Souza, Stan Arwell

Encanta's Winter Picks - 2015

Catalog# ENCANTAWP2015
Release date:
Malaga (Original Mix)
Golden Shores (Talamanca Remix)
Koori (Progressive Mix)
Rush (Original Mix)
Oasis (Original Mix)
Only You (Katrin Souza Remix)
Purple Sunset Over the Meadow (Original Mix)
Set Sail (Stan Arwell Remix)
Destiny (Original Mix)
Reflections (Original Mix)