Enjoy Summer every month of the year, with this look back at some of Encanta's recent releases.

Enoch, Tommy Baynen, Vitodito, Lameduza, Sunlight Project, Danny Claire, Efedry, Lorraine Gray, Dalero, Stargliders, Seawayz, Linemoon, Abaze

Martin Peter, Bee Hunter, Rodrigo Deem, I-Vision, LTN, Richard Bass

12 Months of Summer: 2015

Catalog# ENCANTASUM2015
Release date:
Trance, House
Only You (Martin Peter Remix)
Purple Sunset Over the Meadow (Bee Hunter Remix)
Set Sail (Rodrigo Deem Remix)
We Won't Fall (I-Vision Remix)
How Much Is Enough (Original Mix)
Destiny (Original Mix)
Reflections (Original Mix)
Multiplicaciones (LTN Remix)
Sundiving (Original Mix)
Unfamiliar (Richard Bass Remix)