12 Months of Summer: 2015 Enoch, Tommy Baynen, Vitodito, Lameduza, Sunlight Project, Danny Claire, Efedry, Lorraine Gray, Dalero, Stargliders, Seawayz, Linemoon, Abaze
  • Release Date 31 Aug 2015
  • Catalogue ENCANTASUM2015
Only You (Martin Peter Remix)
Purple Sunset Over the Meadow (Bee Hunter Remix)
Set Sail (Rodrigo Deem Remix)
We Won't Fall (I-Vision Remix)
How Much Is Enough (Original Mix)
Destiny (Original Mix)
Reflections (Original Mix)
Multiplicaciones (LTN Remix)
Sundiving (Original Mix)
Unfamiliar (Richard Bass Remix)
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