Evie E Lee Coulson Release Date 09 Oct 2017
Evie E (Original Mix)
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Here for Me Jab Vix Release Date 25 Sep 2017
Here for Me (Original Mix)
Here for Me (Gux Jimenez Remix)
Here for Me (Sense8 Remix)
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Last Flight to Jupiter Roman Hope Release Date 04 Sep 2017
Last Flight to Jupiter (Original Mix)
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For You Like it Lite Release Date 14 Aug 2017
For You (Original Mix)
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July Alex Byrka, Nando Del Sol Release Date 17 Jul 2017
July (Original Mix)
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Sa Cova Vitodito Release Date 03 Jul 2017
Sa Cova (Original Mix)
Sa Cova (meHiLove Remix)
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Your Eyes Eric de la Vega Release Date 19 Jun 2017
Your Eyes (Original Mix)
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Yu Gux Jimenez Release Date 29 May 2017
Yu (Original Mix)
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Chakra Sense8 Release Date 15 May 2017
Chakra (Original Mix)
Chakra (Gux Jimenez Remix)
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Zero Hundred Sam Laxton Release Date 01 May 2017
Zero Hundred (Original Mix)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Shingo Nakamura, Masanori Yasuda, TACT TOKYO - Atami Original Mix
Sam Laxton - Zero Hundred Original Mix
Vitodito - Sa Cova Original Mix
Lee Coulson - Evie E Original Mix
Shingo Nakamura, Masanori Yasuda, TACT TOKYO - Atami Talamanca Remix
Alex Byrka, Nando Del Sol - July Original Mix
Gux Jimenez - Yu Original Mix
Vitodito, Talamanca - Verona Original Mix
Roman Hope - Last Flight to Jupiter Original Mix
Druce - Alba Original Mix
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